How Birdsy works

1. Sign up and use the Birdsy App to connect your camera to your home Wi-Fi.
2. Set up your Birdsy Cam 30 cm away from your feeder in horizontal position to the birds.
3. Watch the birds at your feeder live or watch your recorded videos on your phone, tablet or computer from anywhere.

Setup guide

  • Set up camera approx. 30 cm away from your feeding station.
  • Position the camera to face the most active feeding spot horizontally & centrally.
  • Focus on the active feeding spot using the camera settings menu in the Birdsy app.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.

Good setups

Close and in focus

Bad setups

Camera too far from birds


Use stationary feeders

Set up your camera in front of a stationary feeder that does not swing to get reliable results. Good setups are platforms directly attached to poles, ground feeders, bird tables & waterbaths.

Avoid swinging feeders & animal motifs

To get reliable results avoid setups with swinging feeders. Avoid feeding stations or waterbaths that show bird statues or animal motifs.