Your window to birds & wildlife around your home

A Birdsy Cam gets you close to your birds & wildlife without disturbing them. Watch your wild neighbours from anywhere and anytime.

Meet the Birdsy Cam

Outdoor & weatherproof Wi-Fi camera for 24/7 recording & watching
Learn how to set up a Birdsy Cam
Full HD 1080p @ 30 FPS for smooth and crisp bird videos
Free cloud so you can watch live or videos from anywhere
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30 days return guarantee


You need a good Wi-Fi signal at your feeder for Birdsy to work reliably. If Wi-Fi at your feeder is weak, you can use a Wi-Fi extender to boost it.
The Birdsy Cam requires a permanent power source to stream 24/7 in HD. Extend the length of the camera's power cable with an extension cable . The power adapter can be protected with a waterproof case .
An unlimited data internet service plan is recommended. If your internet service provider applies a bandwidth or data cap, you can upgrade your plan or lower the video quality to consume less data. Monthly data usage per quality: Standard = 270 GB | HD = 450 GB | Full-HD = 650 GB.