Wonder what birds visit your feeder and
what they are up to? Birdsy uses AI
to record wildlife for you.

Watch birds at your feeder
anytime and from anywhere.
Birdsy records wildlife for you.

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Watch live and on video

What birds visit your feeder when you are not watching? Browse your videos by date or by bird. Birdsy keeps a list of all the birds that visit you.
Watch your birds on any device such as phones, tablets, computers. Watch from work or while travelling.

Birdsy Cam gets you intimately close.

A Birdsy Cam at your feeder is your window to birds and wildlife. Setup is easy. Getting close to your birds means getting to know them.

The magic behind Birdsy

Birdsy uses artificial intelligence to recognise bird and wildlife species. Birdsy monitors and records
your garden animals for you 24/7.

Share and download your best wildlife moments

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